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Dental checkups, cleaning and x-ray

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends your child’s first dental visit after the first tooth erupts and no later than the child’s first birthday. The pediatric dentist can then perform a baseline oral care exam and provide parents with information on children’s dental care. Kids should see a pediatric dentist every six months for a cleaning and regular checkup. Tooth decay is more likely to happen when kids are young so it is important to have regular appointments.

During each teeth cleaning appointment, you and your child can expect a:

Full oral exam to identify changes in the tissues of the mouth.
Diagnosis of any dental conditions. The pediatric dentist will perform the exam and look for cavities or other dental conditions.
Preventative cleaning. The hygienist will clean and polish the teeth to remove sticky bacteria called plaque. When plaque builds up, it can cause tooth decay. The hygienist will also teach your child proper brushing and flossing as needed, and answer any dental questions you may have.

Your child will need a full set of x-rays every 3-5 years and bite wing (partial) x-rays every year. New patients will need full x-rays at their first appointment unless recent x-rays are submitted from a previous pediatric dentist. X-rays are very important in finding cavities and disease not seen by the naked eye. We use low-levels of x-rays to make them as safe as possible.

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