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Post-Operative Instructions

Children respond to sedation in their own way, but the following guidelines may help you know what to expect traveling home and during the next 24 hours.

We recommend that you bring another adult with you to the sedation appointment. We feel it is important for you to take care of your child when he/she is in the child’s car seat and the other adult can concentrate on safely driving you home.
It is important that you place your child in a car seat or safety belts during your trip home. Sometimes on the way home your child would like to take a nap. He/she tends to lower his/her head allowing the chin to touch the chest. However, it is also important that you keep your child’s chin up and away from his/her chest to allow proper breathing. This is why it’s important for you to have another adult with you to drive a car.
If your child has been given local anesthetic, you should watch that he/she does not bite or chew the lips, the tongue and the cheeks. The numbness may last up to 45 to 60 minutes
When you arrive home make sure to hydrate your child. It is best to give your child clear liquids such as water or apple juice. The first meal at home should be soft foods such as jello, juice or soup. Do not give him/her large portions of food and or fatty foods.

If your child wishes to take a nap, it is okay, only after he/she has been hydrated and had something to eat. Your child may sleep from two to four hours and may even be irritable for up to 24 hours after a sedation appointment. When your child is sleeping it is important that you place him/her on his/her side. If your child vomits make sure that you move the child away from any vomit and clean out his/her mouth. If your child sleeps longer than four hours please awaken him/her gently. If you cannot awaken him/her, please call 911 immediately.

Your child may be unsteady when walking or crawling. He/she will need your support in protecting him/her from injury. Do not ignore him/her. An adult must be with the child at all times for the remainder of the day and at least 4 hours after he/she arrived home.
Your child should not perform any potentially dangerous activities such as riding a bike, playing outside unsupervised, handling sharp objects, working with tools or toys, or climbing stairs until he/she is back to his/her usual alertness and coordination.
We advise you to keep your child home for the rest of the day. Your child may be able to return to school on the next day
The following are reasons for you to call us immediately 602-626-5437

You are unable to arouse your child. Call 911
Your child is unable to eat or drink.
Your child experiences excessive vomiting or pain, has fever
Your child develops a rash.