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About Children’s Dental Land (Pediatric Dentist)

Since we opened our Phoenix, Arizona pediatric clinic in 2004, Children’s Dental Land (Pediatric Dentist) has been dedicated to creating a safe, comfortable environment to deliver the most advanced pediatric dental care available to the children of our community.  Our pediatric dentists provide specialized care for  infants, kids, teens, adolescents, special needs children, starting them on the road to a lifetime of healthy dental habits and a beautiful, confident smile.

What pediatric dental services does Children’s Dental Land provide?

We provide a range of pediatric dental services for your child from caring for pediatric dental emergencies such as chipped, fractured and broken teeth to non-emergent pediatric dental care such as first screenings, fillings, extractions, orthodontics and regular maintenance visits.  Our convenient online pediatric dental appointment scheduling and our walk-in availability means that we can adjust to your schedule six days a week to provide the care your child’s oral health needs.

If your child is very nervous about his or her visit our pediatric dentists are certified for the delivery of nitrous oxide and other forms of conscious sedation to ensure that your child can have a relaxed and comfortable visit.  From the comfort in our waiting area to the televisions to keep brothers and sisters entertained, we make sure that all aspects of your family’s experience is enjoyable and leads to a lifetime of positive dental habits.

Children’s Dental Land, originally Arizona Dental Specialty Group, LLC. is a bilingual (English,Español), pediatric dental clinic that provides dental care to infants, kids, teens, adolescents, special needs children. Founded in 2004, in Phoenix, AZ.


• Preventive dentistry • Extractions • Fillings • Orthodontics • Emergency Services. • For our patients with increased dental anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide, in-office sedation and other forms of anesthesia.

Non-Insured Patients:

• In an effort to aid families with financial difficulties, our pediatric dental clinics can offer 30% discount.


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