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About Kid’s Dental Specialists (Pediatric Dentist)

At Kid’s Dental Specialists we strive to build trusting, long-term relationships with our pediatric dental patients. We want to start your child on a lifetime of healthy dental habits. Kid’s Dental Specialists provides pediatric dental care to infants, kids, teens, adolescents, and special needs children.  Our pediatric dentist and staff will nurture and pamper your child.  Still, we know that nothing beats the comfort and security of having mom nearby during a pediatric dental procedure. Our floor-to-ceiling, fishbowl type divider means that you can keep an eye on your son or daughter through the entire pediatric dental procedure.   At the same time, you can glance over and check on siblings nearby in our TV area.  Young siblings can also know that their brother or sister does not feel alone during this time of need.  Everything is designed so that your child feels relaxed as soon as he or she walks in the door.

What pediatric dental services does Kid’s Dental Specialists provide?

If your child has chipped a tooth, fractured or broken teeth, or any other pediatric dental emergency we provide convenient walk-in service.  For other non-emergencies and scheduling regular checkups to maintain your child’s beautiful and healthy smile, you can schedule your own kid’s dental appointment right on the site with your child’s pediatric dentists.

Is your child nervous about his or her dental visit? Our caring team is trained especially to work with children from very young children, to children with special needs and anxious children.  We are certified for conscious sedation to help calm anxious or nervous children for a safer, more relaxed dental procedure.  Our dentists are trusted community members..

Make your appointment today by calling us or clicking the appointment page and start your child on the path to a lifetime of a healthy happy smile and self esteem.

 Kid’s Dental Specialists, LLC. is a bilingual (English,Español), pediatric dental clinic that provides dental care to infants, kids, teens, adolescents, special needs children.

Founded in 2012, in Mesa, AZ.


• Preventive dentistry
• Extractions
• Fillings
• Orthodontics
• Emergency Services.
• For our patients with increased dental anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide, in-office sedation and other forms of anesthesia.

Non-Insured Patients:

• In an effort to aid families with financial difficulties, our pediatric dental clinics can offer 30% discount.


Kids Dental Specialists

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